Danton So British !


My name is Puljak, Eva Puljak


Dobar Dan,

My name is Eva. I am sixteen years old. I live in Croatia, in the capital city called Zagreb. After school I would like to be a fashion designer. Now, in Croatia I go to a bilinguistic school, we have some subjects in French but most of subjects we have in Croatian. In Lycee Danton for me it is difficult to talk because I don’t have a lot of practice and I don’t have ability to talk much French in Croatia and also the French speak really fast so sometimes I can’t catch a meaning of their sentances. I had chosen to come here because I thought that I’ll start to talk more French and learn some things that I can’t learn in Croatia. In France I like the most the look of the whole country because I think it’s beautiful and also I adore the language. Before, I traveled to a lot of countries, England, Hungary, Turky, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland…



Eva Puljak, High School XVIII, Zagreb, Croatia, november, 2015.